About Us

Welcome to Solioo!

Solioo is the world's 1st Online Marketplace for Indian Designer Clothing. The products you find on our website are all sourced from Fashion Boutiques, Designers, Independent Sellers and Weavers. We are passionate about creating an enjoyable shopping environment and offering some of the best fashion online. Our goal is to bring forth and sell selective, handpicked items.

We bring together buyers and sellers onto a singular platform and employ artificial intelligence to provide customers with a cutting edge shopping experience.

In addition, we have an impressive range of clothing and gift items which also is gradually growing. This implies that our customers can check back as often as they like and there will always be something new for them to buy!

We have a 20+ strong team of dedicated individuals who work day and night to provide buyers with the latest and most attractive designer wear from all around. We are always keen on hiring young, energetic and hardworking people to join our team in each of our departments, including marketing, sales and operations.

Also, products listed over Solioo are all brand new and backed by our hassle free returns policy. We only list the best quality items on our website, rest assured.

What Inspires Us?

It is our aim to offer the best designer clothing to our customers, which is what inspires us. We personally share great taste in designer clothing and believe that there are many others who would like to benefit from our interest and experience in it. It is our sincere wish to serve our customers to the very best of their expectations so they are able to get high value for their money. Not only that but their taste in designer clothing is what we wish to satisfy such that they are all praises for what we have in store to offer them from our online listings.

Latest collections from Sellers, Boutiques, and Designers

Be advised that all our customers can get the best and the latest collections from boutiques, sellers, and designers as all of them have their individual items for sale exhaustively published over our online portal. These items are regularly updated for the sake of customers so they don’t miss out on anything new rolled out for sale by the designers. There is also a NEW ARRIVALS section on our website which valued customers can make good use of. Furthermore, buyers can subscribe to our mailing list and keep receiving updates about new items in stock in their inbox.

Customization Made All The More Easier At Solioo

Another excellent feature of the Solioo online marketplace is that it allows all customers to customize their items according to what they have in mind regarding the best fit for them. They can easily manage this with the designers who would assist them in getting just the kind of design they had initially thought of.

Easily Place Bulk Orders

Bulk orders for special occasions like Birthday parties, Christmas, Holi, etc. are also entertained by Solioo so customers who are looking for gifts to give out have no problems at all getting their hands on bulk pieces of choice. This way none of our customers would miss out on celebrating special events the way that delights them, with lots of gifts at hand to give out to friends and family.

Competitive Pricing-Great User Experience-Fast and Secure Shopping

Importantly, apart from all other features such as quality of design, ease of customization, regular updates, Solioo proud itself in offering competitive pricing for its products which customers notice by way of comparison too. The idea behind is to offer customers a very enjoying shopping experience so they are they are able to shop with the intention to become returning customers and have orders promptly delivered to their doorstep.

Further, We use Paypal ' the world's leading online payment system. Also, we will never ever take or store any of your payment details or give your financial information to sellers. You should never disclose any of your personal credit or debit card details before you have been transferred to PayPal's secure payment site.

Friendly, Efficient Service

Our award winning customer service is top notch, friendly, helpful and efficient - if our supplier cannot fulfill any order then we would always try our best to offer the affected customer the best possible alternative in such a situation.

Customers should think of us as their online fashion mall where they can shop for their favorite brands in the comfort of their homes and have their purchases delivered to their homes.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about www.solioo.com.

Happy Shopping!

The Solioo Team.